Jobs and storms

March 5, 2007 · 0 comments

(This was written Thursday 1st March 2007)

I’m sitting in a small shopping centre at 8:30am, having dropped Deidre off at her new admin job at Canberra Hospital. Yay! One of us has a job now! I’m about to have a coffee while writing in my trusty writing pad, as I wait for a nearby job interview at 10am.

The job is for a small company that does web hosting. I’m applying to join the team that provides support to that service. I think the role would only pay about $40-$50k a year (edit: I overestimated by about $15k….), so I’m not that excited by it. I was when I first applied for it, but yesterday something happened….

I applied online for a service desk team leader role, and the recruitment agency rang me almost immediately. Turns out that the role is a 6-month contract, extendable, and paying $130-$160k per year. Now THAT’S exciting! I’ll be interviewed for that at 2pm today. (Edit: it went well, and I’m awaiting a second interview…)

So far I’ve been rejected on two positions (not technical enough for both of them), and waiting to hear back on another. My service desk skills and experience seem to be worth a lot more than I thought they would… Nice!

We’ve been having some amazing storms here the past couple of weeks. Two nights ago we had torrential rain, lightning almost every second, and enough hailstones to make you think it’d been snowing. Here’s some great photo examples of what I’m talking about.

Some suburbs were without power, including ours, and we ended up enjoying a candle-lit evening before going to bed. However, the next day we discovered that the Pay TV (TransACT) receiver was dead. This was a bit of a large problem because it also is how we get our internet! A technician is coming to replace it today, but it meant we had no internet all day yesterday and half the day today. I was forced to go into town to a restaurant that has free wifi at lunch time and after dinner. Emails about jobs needed to be responded to! And catching up on the news of the world too….

I’ll be so glad when it’s back.


Another Starbucks update

February 22, 2007 · 0 comments

It’s really interesting how Starbucks provides the same item in different countries, but presents them differently.

I asked for another Chai Latte this morning, but this time I asked for it to be ‘nice and frothy’. Turns out they call that a ‘fry Chai’… short for ‘frothy‘ I guess. So the standard Chai in NZ is frothy milk, but the standard in Canberra is without any froth. If you want it frothy you have to ask for the special version.


EDIT: seems I misheard them. It’s actually called a ‘dry chai’, which is because it’s with ‘dry milk’… where they froth it all up instead of allowing it to stay liquid.


Starbucks, Canberra

21 February 2007

I found a Starbucks in the centre of Canberra. Nice spot, nice chairs, nice people… not so nice Grande Chai Latte's though. I've had 2 of them now, one last week and one today, and unfortunately they've both been the same – too muck milk, not enough froth. Ah well, I'll persist. I took some […]

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Fun and games

12 February 2007

We’ve been in Canberra just over a week now, and it’s been an interesting time for both Deidre and I. Me, for ‘finding my feet’ again, and Deidre, because now she’s living in a new country. It’s a little frustrating for both of us, because ‘proof of residency’ is required for so many things. We […]

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Two weeks to go

17 January 2007

Today is Thursday, and two Thursdays from now – at this very time – I’ll be in Sydney looking for a car to buy. I did another check this morning for Ford Fairmonts, and it looks like I’ll be able to afford a 2000 model instead of just a ’96-’98 model. The question I have […]

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Free wifi hotspots in Canberra?

9 January 2007

I love sitting at Starbucks here in Wellington a lot, enjoying the atmosphere and the relaxation. I’ve been very lucky that the wifi hotspot provider has been the same provider as my home internet connection, which has meant that I get free wifi hotspot access. Unfortunately, it looks like this bit of luck isn’t available […]

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Moving to Canberra will bring major life changes

26 December 2006

I knew there was a drought in Australia, but I wasn’t aware of how significant it was. Most of Australia are experiencing critical water shortages, to the point that the country is starting to engage in efforts to recycle sewerage water. Many cities get their water from huge dams that store it up and allow […]

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