Numa Numa

February 9, 2008 · 0 comments

About three years ago, back in 2005, there was a video put onto the internet by a young guy who was miming to the Romanian song, 'Numa Numa'. I really don't understand how it became the most popular video on the internet, but it did. To Deidre and I, it was popular for us because the guy miming in the video looked like a friend of ours. Here's the video in all its glory: And you can check out a follow-up video here.



January 26, 2008 · 0 comments

Deidre's watching Borat on Foxtel. I started screaming again at the naked wrestling in the hotel room…. That's all I'll say about that.


10 Best Simpsons Endings Of All Time

22 July 2007

If you like The Simpsons, you’ll enjoy reading this. The 10 Best Simpsons Endings Of All Time

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The All Blacks Haka

18 July 2007

The All Blacks is the national rugby team for New Zealand, and they have an awesome tradition at the start of each rugby match. This is one of the best things about New Zealand which I wanted to share with people who know nothing about it: And of course we can’t forget the Aussie Haka:

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How to make your asian girlfriend eternally happy

20 November 2006

This has been a very popular page on my old blog, and I thought I’d post it here too. While it’s presented as humour, it’s often true, depending (of course) on the asian girl you’re with. Be warned. Be RICH. This is important for you, but not for her. For her the number two rule […]

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I can only please one person a day…

11 November 2006

I saw a guy wearing a t-shirt today… I thought it was funny. I can only please one person a day TODAY IS NOT YOUR DAY Tomorrow’s not looking too good either

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Top 10 telemarketer repellents

9 November 2006

If you’ve ever been plagued by telemarketers, then you might like to consider these possible actions whenever a telemarketer calls you. (Thanks to Lifehack.) If they say they’re John Doe from XYZ Company, ask them to spell their name. Then ask them to spell the company name. Then ask them where it is located, how […]

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Health warnings for Saw III

7 November 2006

Apparently the new movie, Saw III, is so shocking that people are experiencing health problems while watching it. “As well as collapses, we have had reports of people running screaming from the cinemas. “Every now and then a film comes along that some people find hard to stomach. Saw III appears to have sent film-goers […]

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Teatime love bite

7 November 2006

This speaks for itself. Click on it to get a larger picture.

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The Good Wife’s Guide

30 October 2006

Only 50 years ago this was what was expected of women… (Click to make larger.) Makes you feel like having the good ol’ days back again, doesn’t it. *grin*

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