Deidre found Spike yesterday morning sitting on one of the chairs in our outdoor setting. He'd been out all night, which was a first. We found out why when we saw a huge chunk of flesh taken out of his side. After quickly rushing him to the vet, we sat down while watching them running around out the back dealing with the emergency that was our cat.

Turned out that the chunk wasn't the extent of his wound. He'd done something to himself, maybe fallen onto something that pretty much sliced him open, but didn't cut through his muscle fiber. To the vet's surprise, as they were cleaning up the wound that was only about five inches in length, he 'fell apart'. The cut ended up being more than 12 inches in length, travelling from just to the right of his spine, going down across his stomach, and back halfway up his left side.

The vet took pictures, because he'd never treated an injury on a cat to that extent before. After over 100 sutures, he now looks like some kind of Frankenstein creation. But recovering well, it seems. We're picking him up this afternoon.

I'm hoping he learns from this experience, and doesn't ever again do whatever it was he did, that resulted in whatever it was that happened. It cost $1,000 for the treatment, not something we were expecting to pay, and not something either of us want to deal with again. As of this week, pet insurance is number one priority.


Happy anniversary!

January 26, 2008 · 0 comments

Last week Deidre and I celebrated our 3rd year together, after having met each other mid-January 2005. It’s not just amazing, but it’s a wonderful thing that we’re still together after this long. We’re both stubborn and pig-headed, so we’ve had quite a few challenging times. But we both value communication and commitment, which has really helped. And now, 3 years later, we look back with amazement, knowing that we’ve been through some of the most difficult years while getting to know each other, and here we are!

I know, don’t worry! There’s plenty more difficult years ahead. We know that. But we’ve had a good start at working together with love.

Anyway, it was a relatively low-key celebration, involving dinner at a place we’ve never been before. It turned out to be a really nice place. It was very ‘trendy’, with 120 different types of beer, good food, and lots of yuppies. It was well worth another visit again, and we’ll be taking our good friend Ken there to get some eye candy!

Speaking of Ken – he’s arriving here to live on the 16th February, all the way from New Zealand. That’s only about 3 weeks away now! Very exciting. As of about 2 weeks ago, we made sure to keep the cats out of the spare bedroom where he’ll be staying. Better to keep it nice and fresh than full of cat fur and germs! And believe me, they love the bed. They miss it now. Miss it so much, we’re gonna have to buy them their own special bed….

The cats are crazy. Awesome, but crazy. They’re both 5 months old now, and Spike (the boy) is such a talker, and full-on mischievous. He used to be the scaredy cat, but not any more. Now he’s aggressive with his sister, doesn’t stop talking, and more mischievous than you could believe!

His sister Angel is much better, which is weird, ’cause she used to be the mischievous one. Their roles are reversed now.

The way Spike talks is really funny. It’s like he grumbles and complains, what with the sounds he makes. When you tell him off, he backchats, and then grumbles as he runs away to sulk. Angel doesn’t talk at all, which is nice when you’re trying to watch tv or something, but then Spike wanders in and you have to turn the volume up!

Do you have cats? Do they talk all the time? Are they little devils disguised as cats? I’d love to hear your stories.



16 November 2007
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We have two new kittens

28 October 2007

That’s a photo of our two newest additions to our ‘family’. The ginger one is Deidre’s and she’s called him Spike. The dark one is mine and I’m still not sure what I’m naming her. I’ll work it out soon enough. We got them yesterday afternoon. There was a whole litter at the pet store, […]

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Goodbye Eve

7 January 2007

Just over 3 years ago on Xmas Eve 2003 I obtained a small kitten which I called Eve. Today I gave her away to some new owners. This was the last photo taken of her just last week:   This post is my tribute to Eve. As I’m writing this, sitting here in Starbucks, I’m […]

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