Spring is here

September 1, 2008 · 0 comments

It's the 1st of September, the first day of spring. And what a lovely day it is today. Yesterday was such a miserable, wet day, and today's gorgeous. It's like winter was trying to have its last gasp before spring arrives.

I'll try to use more photos in future, or even images. I'd like to spice this blog up with photos, and it worked out well the times I've done it in the past. I keep on having issues, however, with maintaining the insertion of photos into blog posts. I usually just want to write something, and when I finish, I just publish it. It's often quite a lengthy process to find a relevant photo or image and then insert it. However, I've recently installed an album plug-in that should make image management a much easier task.

I haven't really provided any significant updates for quite a while, and I really should get around to changing that. So here I am. Probably the most significant update is that Deidre moved out a week ago. But then she moved back in a couple days ago… She made a wrong choice of house to move to, so she's back now while she looks for another house. I hope she makes a good choice next time around…

Some people find it strange that I can still live with an ex, and even more so, if she moves out that I can let her back in so quickly. To me it's really simple. Her and I are still very close, and we're still very good friends. This allows us to live together without too many issues. Sometimes an issue arises that reminds us of why we separated, but it's easier to tolerate now that we're no longer partners.

When you're in an intimate relationship, you share not only your life, but a vision of how your future together is going to be. It can often require compromise and sacrifice to help ensure the vision becomes a reality. To some people, the compromise and sacrifice is all-important on the path of achieving the vision, and if they think their partner isn't compromising or sacrificing the way they believe is required, all kinds of issues can arise. Issues that can destroy a relationship… But when that vision is no longer shared, there's no need to have or demand such compromises or sacrifices, and so the relationship can be a lot more natural and easy going as just friends.

That's where Deidre and I are at, and that's why we can live together as friends in a more harmonious manner than when we were together. We still care about each other, we just can't plan a future together.

I've been getting back into a game I used to play quite extensively – Eve Online. It holds my attention a lot more than World of Warcraft did. I managed to fix the problem on my laptop which was preventing me from playing it when I tried many months ago, so it's been all systems go. It's been quite enjoyable getting back into the swing of things in the game. (If you're playing it as well, look up 'Black Claw' and say hi…)

I was just checking my archives to see if I've posted less frequently than last month, which included 4 posts. It turns out that I have. Back in March this year I did only 3 posts, and in February 2005 I did 2 posts. It looks like 2004 was a pretty quiet year, but 2003 and previous to that seemed to have an average of about 1-2 posts per month. Wow. Four posts last month doesn't seem so bad… 😉

It's fascinating to see how news gets twisted these days. My last post was about the 'spin' applied by western government and media to the origin of the Russia-Georgia conflict. The US was obviously upset that their stooge in Georgia failed to complete his objectives, which supported the US agenda, and after Russia quickly responded to safeguard innocent lives in Sth Ossetia against Georgian aggression, the western world jumps on Russia for their actions. Quite amazing really. And then when Russia received support from China and other Asian states, independent news reports it truthfully, while the mainstream media report that China and the other Asian states refused to support Russia.

News is no longer news, it's simply a means of promoting propoganda.

And regarding the upcoming US election. My prediction is that even if 100% of Americans vote for Obama, McCain will scrape in just enough votes to win. God's miracles at work.


Asian fetish and racism

December 2, 2005 · 8 comments

My good friend Chancelucky 🙂 suggests that I have an asian fetish that he’s quite concerned about, thinking that I’m only visiting his blog in the hope that he has a sister or neice I might fancy.

I was thinking about that this morning, thinking about how interracial preferences are frowned upon by so many people, and yet intraracial preferences are ok. We’re allowed – and even encouraged – to develop preferences for blondes, brunettes, redheads, etc, within our western culture. But it’s disapproved of if we develop preferences for asian, indian, african, and so on.

I’m not saying that Chancelucky is a racist, as I know he was only joking, but it’s fascinating to me how many people around us, who say they aren’t racist, are against interracial relationships. I mean, if they’re not racist, why do they frown on someone who prefers another race, or even is just more attracted to another race?

I admit I’m attracted to asian women, but I wouldn’t call it a fetish. I’m attracted to any woman who is slim, dark skinned and dark-haired, with attractive physical features. The problem is, there really isn’t a lot of western women who are slim. I look around me, and I see so many overweight white women, and in between them, slim and sexy asian women. What’s a man to do? Should he disregard these slim and sexy women simply because they’re asian? Doesn’t that make him racist? I think you’re a racist if you think you shouldn’t be interested in a woman because she’s of another race.

I was looking for a partner in life, someone who had various qualities that were important to me. My experience showed me that asian women had those qualities more than western women, and so they were naturally my preference for physical and emotional reasons. The woman that I’ve been looking for all my life turned out to be western. I think that means I don’t have an asian fetish, otherwise I would have disregarded her in favour of some other asian woman. But that wasn’t the case.

And so we return to my preferences of slim over fat, and sexy over ordinary. I feel it’s those who consider themselves disadvantaged in some way that have a problem with it. Fat women have a problem with me preferring slim women. Ugly women have a problem with me preferring attractive women. Asian men have a problem with me preferring asian women.

You can’t please everyone all the time. I don’t try.

To all of those who have a problem (if you don’t have a problem, this isn’t addressed to you), I say – get over it. Stop being racist by disapproving of those who prefer other races.

In this multicultural, global society we live in, racist attitudes are outdated and only lead to increased conflict. There really should be no difference between a preference for blondes or brunettes, or a preference for asians or Swedish. 🙂

I once asked a woman I was dating – she was western – what she would think if she saw a western man in his 30’s walking hand in hand with a gorgeous asian woman. Her reply: ‘he’s obviously desperate and a disgusting control freak, and I feel sorry for the submissive asian girl who’s stuck with him, hoping for a better life than where she came from’.

I was appalled at her answer, as I had thoguht she was more open minded than that (we stopped dating soon after), but it confirmed my suspicion that, like most western women, she had perceptions about asian women that were derogatory and racist. It was her opinion that any white man who was with an asian woman was ugly and therefore couldn’t get a ‘discerning’ white woman. He was a control freak, taking advantage of the submissive asian woman. And the asian girl wasn’t much better in her eyes, preferring to live a life of slavery to this ugly, desperate control freak, than to live in her own asian country.

I find it sad that so many white people say they are open minded, tolerant, intelligent and definitely not racist, and yet when it comes down to it, racism is alive and well. Their own racial superiority is more important to them than understanding that the planet may consist of separate races of humanity, but we’re all ultimately the same. We’re all human beings, and we’re all men and women.

If white women looked after themselves more, then they’d be more attractive and wouldn’t feel so threatened by those asian women who care about themselves, and are thus more attractive to men. They need to start changing their attitudes if they want men to be more interested in them.

(Note: my comments, as usual, are general. If you feel offended by any of my comments, which is certainly not intended, you need to look at why you are offended. Is it because you consider yourself to be one of those that I don’t have a preference for? Or maybe you consider yourself to be one of those that I consider racist? Your feelings of being offended is more a sign of your own attitudes than it is about me having an opinion.)


How to make your asian girlfriend eternally happy

31 October 2005

I found this on a random internet page somewhere, and just had to post it. I don't completely agree with it, but I can see how some people would. But anyway, I thought it was funny. 🙂 Be RICH. This is important for you, but not for her. For her the number two rule follows. […]

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The end of a chapter

15 October 2005

A few years ago there was a Japanese lady called Wakana. It was one of those strange relationships – I met her and didn't think much of her. Then, the next thing I knew, we're been going out together for a few months before I realised I liked her. Then, the next thing I knew, […]

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The result of being a challenge

24 September 2005

I wrote the below early 2004, and I thought it would be a relevent addition to this site: Her name is Zhenzhen (pron: Jen-Jen) and I've been seeing her on and off for the past couple of months. It's been quite interesting 'cause it started off simply as friendship, but has progressed in fits and […]

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My Malaysian Adventure

20 September 2005

Deidre and I went to our favourite Malaysian restaurant tonight, Satay Kajang, for our favourite Mee Goreng dish. Well, I had it, while she had something else. Anyway, there was this very (!) cute asian waitress, who I've seen a couple of times before, who I think is just gorgeous. I went to pay after […]

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12 August 2005

Back in very late 2003 – or was it very early 2004? Somewhere around there – I was seeing Jhen Jhen, a Chinese girl. On this one particular day, we went up the cable car to the top of the mountain. Now, strangely enough, when we got onto the cable car, we were the only […]

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Moving on

2 August 2004

I'm having an online conversation with Zhenzhen's husband (now ex-husband) at the moment, and learning some interesting things. He's been open about why she left him, telling me about how he was seeing this Thai girl at the same time as he was married to ZZ. So I've been fishing for more information. Turns out […]

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Sad state of affairs

17 July 2004

Zhenzhen has returned from a couple months in China a few weeks ago. Shortly after, she contacted me, upset, telling me how bad things were for her. She didn't go into details, and I still don't have any details. However, her husband has since been using her online chat program, pretending to be her and […]

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27 February 2004

Over the past few weeks, Wakana has been increasingly online and chatting to me about stuff. She has been asking me lots of questions about things she has to do in her life, asking for advice, etc. (She's also created a flyer for me to put up to advertise myself as a Conversational English teacher.) […]

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