It's starting to become a habit now. When Deidre and I go for a walk, if we let Eve out at the same time, she'll follow us, join us on the walk.The second time it happened was 3 nights ago. She came with us for about 10 minutes, then I picked her up and carried her for 5 minutes along the busy road, and then put her down again on the quieter road where she followed us all the way home again.

It's so cute, and cool. Taking the cat for a walk. Hehehe

She's beside me on the bed while I'm writing this, purring away. She knows she's loved, and I'm really happy about how she's happy, healthy and warm.

UPDATE: Dammit, she's got fleas! Good thing I've got a flea treatment lying around in one of the drawers. She's now been treated. I wonder if that means we'll see little black dots jumping off her like rats deserting a sinking ship… or in this case, a stinking cat (stinking, as in flea treatment).

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The cat comes walking

September 26, 2005 · 9 comments

Deidre and I went for a walk / jog tonight, which is almost common for us. We've been going for walks now for a while, and only the other night we upgraded it to do a bit of jogging as well. Both of us are relatively unfit, so it'll be good for us.

Tonight, I suggested that we jog uphill and walk downhill, to help ease us into it. We started jogging and got to the top of the street we're on and slowed to a walk. It was then we discovered we had some company.

Eve, my cat, decided she wanted to come with us! There she was, 'jogging' after us up the hill! It was pretty funny, but we didn't expect her to continue for too long, so we kept on going, walking along the road. She kept up with us!

We walked for about 10 minutes, with her tagging along, before we decided that we should turn around and go back, because we were in territory she'd never been in before. We got about halfway back, with me carrying her 'cause she was tired, before I set her down. She stayed where she was while we carried on, and so we decided to go down another road, thinking she was staying where she was.

Nope… her plaintive cries of 'Where are you?! I don't want to be alone! Come back…!' echoed through the air, so we went back, picked her up, and carried her back home.

Poor little fella, she's all tuckered out now, resting on her couch again.

She's adorable. 😀


The cat in the bed

4 September 2005

My cat, Eve, is just gorgeous. She loves to sleep on the end of the bed at night, and sometimes she likes to sleep with us IN the bed. I swear, sometimes she thinks she's human. So human, in fact, that when we're not looking, she snuggles up under the covers just like us. I […]

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My cat’s great!

5 January 2005

I love my cat.  She's gorgeous.   What I like is that over the past year she has learnt I'm boss.  Most cat owners say that their cat is the boss.  Not in my case.  For the first 6 months of our time together, she was the most frustrating and intolerable thing I've ever had […]

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Eve’s adventure

27 September 2004

On Saturday I got around to getting Eve (my cat) vaccinated for the first time. I'd completely forgotten about it for a while, but then I thought about how it must be time to let her go outside, so I got her vaccinated first. On Sunday (yesterday) I let her outside. It was quite funny. […]

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Coming of age

3 August 2004

A few weeks ago Eve (my cat) went into heat for the first time, at about 9 months old. She's growing up! But oh, what a racket! Very strange noises, sounding like, 'rrrrrraaaaaarrrrrrrgggaaaaahhhhh!' You sort of get used to it after a while – except when you go to bed. It just doesn't stop! So […]

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Cruelty to animals

31 May 2004

I was reading a message board last week that caters to cat owners, reading what others experience and advise. There was an 18 year old girl in America talking about her cat that was sick, it needed an operation. She wasn't able to afford the operation costs, and she wasn't able to afford the $500 […]

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New habits

26 December 2003

It's 1:23am, and I'm sitting here at work with Eve (the name I've chosen for my new kitten) sitting on the desk in front of me, next to the mouse. She's watching me typing at the moment. She's just gotten off my chest where she was sleeping for a while. Oops, now she's climbed back […]

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Merry Christmas everybody!

25 December 2003

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas! Ho Ho Ho! And wouldn't you know it – I'm working. It's 12:30am on Christmas Day, and instead of being at home in bed, I'm working from 12:30 – 8am. Sometimes I wonder about my state of mind… but then I remember that it looks good in my record, and […]

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