I’ve worked out my ‘great Australian adventure’. Here’s an image of the route:


Over 18,000km, taking me 40 days. Here’s how I’ve planned it out:

  • HOME
  • Leave Canberra, head to the east coast.
  • Follow the coastline down to south of Melbourne.
  • Head across to Ballarat, enjoy some tourist attractions I remember from my childhood.
  • Head south to the coastline.
  • Follow the coastline to Adelaide.
  • Head north to Pt Augusta.
  • Head southwest to the Great Australian Bight.
  • Follow the coastline across the Nullarbor Plain, do some whale spotting.
  • Head north to Kalgoorlie.
  • Explore some gold mines.
  • Head west to Perth.
  • Rest, spend a few days with my friend Mel.
  • Head north, do some National Park tours (The Pinnacles, etc).
  • Continue north, feed some dolphins (Monkey Mia).
  • Head northeast.
  • Explore some more National Parks (The Bungle Bungles, Kakadu, Katherine Gorge).
  • Head north to Darwin, resting there for a couple days.
  • Head south to Alice Springs.
  • Do more National Park tours (Uluru / Ayers Rock, Olgas, etc).
  • Head north again for a bit, then east to Queensland.
  • Spend a couple of days in Cairns.
  • Tour the Great Barrier Reef.
  • Head south to Whitsunday Islands.
  • Take a 3-day sailing trip around the islands.
  • Head south to Brisbane, catching up with a friend of mine.
  • Rest in Brisbane a few days.
  • HOME
  • Head south, ending up back home.

I think it’s going to be quite an adventure. Lots of research, plans, preparations, bookings…. Wheee!


Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2008 · 0 comments

I’m sitting here at Deidre’s dad’s place, relaxing for the first time in a few days. I’m writing this on my iPhone ’cause my laptop’s mobile broadband isn’t working here. And that’s why I went to the local mall this afternoon to buy a new mobile broadband account. Pity their system was down, so here I am with this instead…

The 10-hour drive from Canberra to Berri in Sth Australia was relatively uneventful. Then onto Adelaide for another 3-hour drive before finally arriving.

And I’ll be doing it in reverse on the 27th-28th going back home.

I came down with a cold the night before leaving, so driving while ill has been interesting.

As I’ve been travelling, I’ve been providing updates via Twitter, including a few photos here and there. You can see these in ‘Alan’s Lifestream’.

So I wish you all a very merry Xmas. I hope you all have a great time, and make sure you stay safe.

More updates soon and in the Lifestream.

UPDATE: Yay! I have my new mobile broadband service and it’s working fine! I’m on my laptop, on the internet. It IS a merry christmas!


Upcoming plans

24 November 2008

My busy-ness (is that such a word) has gone up a few levels over the past couple of week. I’m actually in a position that keeps me busy all day! One of the really awesome things about it is that it’s a management role, and for the introvert in me, that’s just the kind of […]

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Future plans

18 September 2008

Yeh, I know, I haven't written anything for a couple of weeks.  I've been spending a lot of time and energy on finishing up my work and looking for another contract to move on to.  I haven't got anything yet, but I'm enjoying the free time I have right now.  It'll end soon, when I […]

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Happy Australia Day

26 January 2008

Today is Australia Day, where we celebrate the beginning of Australia, which was when the British first settled here in 1788. It's almost midnight on this day, and I thought I should do a post about it. Australia Day is where we celebrate the history of our country, and of being an Australian. We're a […]

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The journey (holiday!) begins

9 December 2005

I’m sitting on the plane right now, at 34,000 feet somewhere over the water between NZ and Australia. This is the first time I’ve used the laptop actually on a plane, and there just ain’t enough room to ‘spread my wings’, so I’m doing this painful two finger typing instead of the normal, relaxed touch […]

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Holiday Itinerary – Maps of Australia

21 November 2005

Just for the geographically unaware 😉 here is some maps of our travels. Map 1: Australia This map shows the general travel paths we're taking. The blue dotted line is the flight between Sydney to Adelaide and back again. The red solid line is the driving that will be done. Map 2: South Australia Driving […]

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Christmas Holiday Itinerary

21 November 2005

Deidre and I will be travelling around parts of Australia for a month, and this is our itinerary. 2005 Saturday 10 Dec Wellington 6am – Sydney 7:40am Sydney 1:45pm – Adelaide 3:20pm (Notes: while in Adelaide, will be staying with Deidre's dad and catching up with the following people: Phillip and Stephen (my brothers), Simon […]

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Holidaying to Australia… oh, the pain!

13 September 2005

Over here I talked about the holiday plans Deidre and I were making, to travel to Australia. It's been a relatively painful thing to do! We've had to work out the dates that we were going to go there and return, as well as the dates that we'd be in Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra, Sydney, and […]

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Holiday Plans to Australia

13 July 2005

Deidre and I spent close to 4 hours last night working on our joint budget plans, to help us save money for the upcoming trip to Australia. We're doing a 'first', for both of us, and combining our incomes into one single amount and paying almost everything from our joint account. It's really quite exciting […]

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