For a long, long, long time now, maybe quite a few years, I've always had this song on my mind, which I've whistled to myself on the odd occasion. It had stayed with me from whenever it was popular, or from when I had heard it. I couldn't remember the name of it, and I couldn't remember the lyrics, except 'baby it's you…' That's it. On the odd occasion that I remembered it while web browsing and subsequently tried finding a song to download called 'baby it's you', I was never successful, it constantly eluded me.

Two days ago, I remembered again and decided to search in earnest. I looked up lyrics with those 3 words in them, trying to find something that seemed to fit what I could remember. My research finally met with some results! After a few uncertain websites that pointed me in the direction of a number of artists, I finally found reference to the song 'Baby it's you' by Promises. The lyrics seemed to fit, so I had to download it. Unfortunately, the file-sharing software I use was unable to help me. No one else had the song by Promises, so I searched for a web-based download of it.

Now, downloading songs from web pages is next to impossible. People just don't store songs on file servers and then make up web pages to allow you to download them. But surprisingly, I found a page where the song was available! I was shocked, and even more shocked to find a whole bunch of songs that I could download! (I ended up downloading 20-30 of them.)

The whole point of this entry is because I want to share with you what I think is an excellent song, and has stuck in my mind for many years. It's a great relief for me to finally find this song, and be able to play it at my leisure, rather than just whistle an aimless tune to myself.

If you'd like to listen to it as well, you can download the song from here. It's #0693. Right-click on the link to that song on that page and select Save As. Choose a folder location of your choice on your computer, but make sure you change the file extension from .jpg to .mp3 and then click on Save. It's only 3.6 Mb so it's not that big.

You can read the lyrics here.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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Ok, I found the most awesomely wonderful site that I could ever find – The Top 1000 Songs Of The Last 30 Years. I'm in heaven!

Most of the list are songs I've never heard of, and I'm really, really surprised about the top 100 of those songs, as most of them I've never heard of before.

Anyway, if you're not into downloading songs off the internet for free, and would prefer to buy them from the shop or over the internet, then this site isn't for you. Don't go there. 🙂


29 March 2003 – Bruce Springsteen concert

9 March 2003

My apologies for getting this to you later than I said I would. I didn't get home from the concert until after 1am this morning, and I was just too knackered to write about anything, so I just crashed and fell fast asleep. Today I was relaxing around Auckland – I took a few photos […]

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15 January 2003

20 January 2003

Today has been a VERY strange day. Here's the strangeness in order of appearance… Strange event 1: The overseas woman I've mentioned before… she who seems to like being known as 'cyberslut' (but she's not one really)… her and I realised today that there's a certain kind of love that's developed between us, and our […]

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25 December 2002

I thought I'd get something written before Christmas, and here I am. Writing something. I've had a most interesting 6 weeks. I've been working after hours shifts during that time. Two weeks from 12:30pm – 8pm, then two weeks from 5:30pm – 1am. Then I had a week of annual leave. For the first time […]

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