Meeting Indigos

May 30, 2011 · 3 comments

As I’ve previously published, there are 26 significant traits that Indigo adults share, and having most or all of the traits is a pretty significant feat in itself.

Indigos are special, but they just don’t yet understand how. Being psychic and empathic, and aware of other realities around themselves… these are pretty amazing things! But many Indigos find their feelings and perceptions confusing or frightening, and do their best to ignore them. They can often be emotionally unstable not only because of their childhood experiences growing up, but also because they don’t know how to deal with what’s going on inside their mind, living a life of confusion and anxiety because they don’t know how to cope or to adapt.

As I’ve learnt more about being Indigo, and spoken to other Indigos, I’ve learnt that the Indigo traits reflect a general pattern of childhood and adult experiences. As I’ve met and gotten to know some people, I’ve been curious when they’ve expressed feelings, opinions, and past experiences that’s made me wonder if they’re Indigo. So I’ve got them to read the 26 traits and note down which ones they relate to. I’ve not yet been wrong in being able to pick another Indigo from the things they talk about.

The most common attitude amongst the Indigos that I’m meeting is that they feel alone, misunderstood, and angry about all kinds of different things in their past and their present. They’ve had – or have – psychic or spiritual experiences, but don’t know what to make of them. They’re struggling with life, and with trying to cope with a reality they just feel comfortable fitting into. They belong in another reality, but they don’t know what it is yet.

I’ve also come to understand that people either relate to the 26 traits, in which case they’re likely Indigos, or they might relate to only some of them. I’ve found that most people don’t relate to even half of them, but those that relate to more than half usually seem to relate to more than 90%. It’s been amazing.

Not to mention my amazement that I seem to be drawing them out of the woodwork!

There’s something pulling me in a direction that feels like I want to help Indigos embrace their uniqueness, and to embrace their strength and their power. They have a purpose in this life, every single one of them – and I wonder if my purpose as an Indigo is to help them find theirs.


Update 8 August 2012: I’m currently active on Google+ where I’m inviting Indigo’s to connect with me as I discuss being Indigo. Please connect with me there!


It seems there’s a lot of people who are discovering that they’re Indigo Adults, and they’re trying to work out what that means. As they search for answers, they come upon my site and discover… well, they discover that I’m searching for answers too. They might leave a comment, or ask a question, or even send me an email, and then they move on, continuing their search elsewhere.

I don’t want them to go somewhere else. I want them to stay here. I want them to realize they’re not alone any more, and I want them to realize that there are others out there who are at different stages of the same path – the Indigo path. Together we can ask each other questions and provide each other with some answers.

So I’ve decided I’m going to create my own little Indigo community, because I want to help people feel like they’ve found some friends, and I want them to feel like they can hang around and chat about things that are important to them.

Sure, there are other Indigo communities out there, but they’re either inactive or they’re so ‘noisy’ with activity that its difficult to actually find anything worthwhile. I want my community to be a valuable resource as well as a friendly and welcoming meeting place for all Indigos.

So I’m going to start my own Indigo community.

If anyone wants to help, please contact me to let me know how you would like to be of help. I really believe it takes a community to build a community, so let’s come together and help build it together.


Update 8 August 2012: I’m currently active on Google+ where I’m inviting Indigo’s to connect with me as I discuss being Indigo. Please connect with me there!


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