A few months ago, as I was returning home from a trip to Melbourne, I was thinking about how much I enjoy traveling, photography, and blogging. I was thinking about how enjoyable it would be to combine them all into one activity, and actually earn some money doing something I really enjoy.

I thought about how awesome it would be to have a 4WD and go traveling to those out-of-the-way places that most people never see, and take photos of the things that most people never take photos of.

I visualized myself sitting by the 4WD as the sun was setting, watching the colours change across the ruggedly beautiful landscape, and taking photos of it all. It was a wonderful feeling to imagine this as my reality, and I felt that I would love it if it WAS my reality.

Since then I’ve explored some ideas about travel and photography and blogging, but they’ve all been in my head, with nothing actually written down, and no firm plans or actions put into motion.

But then today I received my 2nd award since 2009 for the best travel blog of Australia and New Zealand. Considering that I haven’t even been focusing my blog on travel, to win an award for it is just amazing.

But it’s also helped me realize that I really should move forward with making this blog more about travel, because that’s what it wins awards for! Obviously I’ll have to do more traveling, and focus my blog posts on my experiences and the photos that I’ll be taking. But it also means I should consider getting that 4WD…

There have been other signs that I’ve been doing the wrong thing for my future…

Over the past 3-4 years I’ve received a hefty number of demerit points on my drivers license from going too fast. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been getting frustrated about why the fast lanes in traffic have immediately become the slow lanes as soon as I changed lanes into them, and when I change lanes again into the fast lane it immediately becomes slow again.

When this happened to me again in Melbourne today, I realized the universe is telling me something. I nodded, thanked the universe, and said “Ok, I get it.”

I’m going too fast, and I need to slow down, but since it’s all about my car and my travel with it, I think I’m in the wrong car for the direction my life needs to go.

So I’m going to explore changing my car and getting that 4WD that’s been on my mind. I feel like it will be a catalyst leading into an entirely new life, one that will bring me a lot more fulfillment.


Tripbase Awards Badge

Back in 2009 I won an award for 6th best blog about life and travel in Australia and New Zealand. I’ve just been notified that I’ve won it again for 2011.  That’s pretty cool.

Thank you Tripbase!


Changes to the Great Aussie Adventure

8 January 2009

Ok, I’ve been thinking about it overnight, and I realised I wasn’t particularly happy at doing such a ‘lightning’ trip around Australia in just 40 days. There are quite a few long stretches I’d need to do in order to make it around the country according to schedule, and there’ll be a lot of places […]

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8 January 2009

I think this is going to be the focus of quite a few posts this year, leading up to it, and likely beyond it. I’ve been refining my travel plans the past couple of days, working out where I’ll be sleeping and how much it’s likely to cost. That, plus the expected petrol costs, food […]

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I hope you all had a merry xmas and a great new year. Did you do anything special or interesting for xmas? I travelled to Adelaide, catching up with my own family and Deidre’s. It was good. It involved lots of driving, though, but oddly, that was also good. When I’ve driven in the recent […]

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24 November 2008

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The journey (holiday!) begins

9 December 2005

I’m sitting on the plane right now, at 34,000 feet somewhere over the water between NZ and Australia. This is the first time I’ve used the laptop actually on a plane, and there just ain’t enough room to ‘spread my wings’, so I’m doing this painful two finger typing instead of the normal, relaxed touch […]

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21 November 2005

Just for the geographically unaware 😉 here is some maps of our travels. Map 1: Australia This map shows the general travel paths we're taking. The blue dotted line is the flight between Sydney to Adelaide and back again. The red solid line is the driving that will be done. Map 2: South Australia Driving […]

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Christmas Holiday Itinerary

21 November 2005

Deidre and I will be travelling around parts of Australia for a month, and this is our itinerary. 2005 Saturday 10 Dec Wellington 6am – Sydney 7:40am Sydney 1:45pm – Adelaide 3:20pm (Notes: while in Adelaide, will be staying with Deidre's dad and catching up with the following people: Phillip and Stephen (my brothers), Simon […]

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I'm sitting here in the New Plymouth airport now, after a full day of doing a bit of client implementation. Now we're (work colleague and I) are sitting here waiting for our flight to board. The plane hasn't even arrived yet, and we're due to board in maybe 20 minutes. The airport here is quite […]

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